Sunday, July 20, 2008

Far Too Long, But Something Has to be Said!

It has been far too long since I proffered, in public, any remarks about the current political scene. I can't stand it and thus pontificate - forgive me.

1. Unfortunately, of all those in America that we could choose for President of the United States, the American people have chosen the two least qualified, (a) for the Democrats, Barack Obama, an intelligent and kindly, but very inexperienced, liberal who panders to what he thinks America wants to hear and whose policies and positions will exacerbate the current global economic crisis and put America on an accelerated course of mediocrity and irrelevance in a world that needs America's voice of freedom and democracy, and (b) for the Republicans, John McCain, a snarky, not-so-intelligent "cool" fighter pilot, who is also inexperienced in that which matters, and with temerity promotes his ability to lead America, with conservative principles, in a time of crisis.

2. As much as I disdain the character traits of John McCain and his innumerable inadequacies, given the choices before us being the "lesser of two evils", America has only one choice, if it is to remain the "hope of the world" and the one economic superpower that stands for freedom, and that is, dare I say it, John McCain. Barack, enamored with his own fame and popularity, has clearly evidenced his core economic and social principles and values, all of which are extremely liberal and would set America on a difficult course of economic stress and diminished capacity in the world when we are needed most.

Many who have chosen to stand with Barack, either support his policies or fail to understand them, and many who support John McCain do so because they do understand Barack's positions. Hence, Obama's tremendous appeal and popularity and McCain's more passive and unexcited support. In many ways, the American electorate is not sufficiently informed as to the policies and principles of the candidates for President of the United States, relying more on emotional appeals and media-hyped profiles in their ultimate determination as to whom they will support.

In both cases, Obama and McCain seem willing to say and do anything to get elected, notwithstanding their "supposed" core values and principles. Neither has evidenced a capacity, in their run for office, to stand resolute on what they believe. So it is that we are left with what we are. If it weren't so critical an election, one might be tempted to stay home. Even so, now is the time to stand and be counted in what matters and choose he whom we believe will do what is necessary against all odds, to preserve our nation as an economic superpower that stands, with substance and capacity, for freedom and democracy; one who will lead our nation in conservative moral values, preserving life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and one who will keep our nation safe and secure, recognizing the basis and capacity to do so remains in our economic vitality.

Simply put, and without media hype and duplicity, Barack Obama will, with a Democratic majority in Congress - 1) raise taxes for middle income families (rollback of Bush Tax Cuts), 2) increase capital gains taxes (affecting the majority of Americans), 3) impose corporate windfall taxes (putting a significant damper on the US economy-it hasn't worked before and won't work now), 4) increase social security and medicare taxes for most Americans, 5) increase and/or allow social spending at the expense of military budgets and middle income families, 6) mollify, mute and subordinate America's economic, diplomatic and military voice globally to that of Europe and certain radical Islamic regimes, 7) appoint US Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges that interpret, with liberality, the laws of the land, even to the point of rewriting laws, 8) advocate and/or allow the continuance of abortion-type laws and the destruction of traditional marriage traditions and laws, and 9) compromise National Security with the dilution and diminution of our intelligence community, among many other compromising initiatives that he has proffered. I encourage all to not look at Barack's current pandering, but to his historical positions. He fails to understand economics and the need to lead with principle, falling prey to the situational and shifting standards of society by aligning himself with to the extreme advocates in society and not the "silent majority." Barack can give a great inspiring speech with enticing and eliciting words, but when dissected as to substance can be very revealing to the course he will take our country. Barack's speeches remind me of scriptural phrases such as a "flaxen cord" appeal to the natural man, or being filled with "swelling words" and "flattery."

Although John McCain is deficient in critical matters of character, evidenced in certain of his life choices, and in spite of his willingness to compromise conservative principles for the sake of accommodation, he remains the only candidate who will advocate that which preserves America as the "hope of the world." John McCain will take a hard stand on preserving our nation's economic viability and assuring that the United States remains the one superpower with capacity that will stand for freedom in the world. Do I have confidence that John McCain and I will agree on immigration or campaign finance reform - not in the least. Do I have confidence that John McCain understands the radical Islamic jihad against western society or moderate Islam? No. Will John McCain reflect honesty and integrity in all that he does - no, as he has proven his inclination to say and do what he needs to achieve his purposes, hence the lesser of two evils. Even so, I do believe that fundamentally, John McCain will stand more conservatively and correctly for the preservation of America as a land of freedom, prosperity and advocacy (with capacity) of individual and sovereign freedom around the world. John McCain will advocate and place needed controls on Congressional spending; he will advocate economic viability in the US through retention of tax cuts for individuals and corporations; he will promote a strong military with an understanding of its proper employ; he will preserve our national intelligence capability; he will secure our borders; he will appoint conservative judges to the US Supreme and Federal Courts; he will advocate life; he will stand for traditional marriage; and he will keep America safe.

John McCain will stand in the Executive Offices as a much-needed check and balance to an incapable and broken Congressional leadership. He will preserve the check and balance of the Judicial branch of our government. John McCain does understand the founding principles of our nation and will preserve such.

In support of John McCain, I advocate the support of the Free and Strong America PAC and the Eagle Foundation, a 501c4 that we have established to support the causes of freedom and that which matters most to our nation. Go Mitt, 2012!!!