Saturday, October 2, 2010

How Obvious, Really?

Mr. Obama's upbringing, his education and his perspectives were shaped by those who were not advocates of American Exceptional-ism, nor did they accept the Divine providence in the founding of our Nation and Constitution. In fact, America wasn't anything special, a country like all other countries, maybe even less than such. Further, Mr. Obama explained while running for President that his upbringing outside of the US was an advantage, giving him a deeper well of foreign policy experience. Unfortunately and as a consequence of his upbringing and "foreign policy" experience, Mr. Obama has yet to and probably never will, adopt the basic and fundamental principles embedded in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, nor will he abide American Exceptional-ism. As such he is not the advocate that we require of our President. What we are now experiencing his complete and utter disregard for what differentiates the US in the world of nations, because he doesn't believe we are different, nor should we be. He, and his minions, have done more dismantle our Nation, our Constitution, our freedoms, our democracy and our economy than any other person in the history of our country.

Illustrated in this piece are a couple of key points - his failure to recognize and fully quote by whose hand we are endowed (intentional?), and his attempt to neutralize the defining moment of our Nation by minimizing its founding and consequential integrity and rule of law through rationalization and justification. It is amazes me that he justifies the appropriateness of being an illegal immigrant because they were here first. Really?

We're Back - And yes, it is time for "Change" and "Hope"

With the mid-terms a month away and America careening down its current destructive path, the quiet majority has awakened with a want for change - this ad reflects clearly our need and hope for a coming change - Vote for Change, Vote Wisely!!! An interesting, but poignant twist from the original ad by President Reagan.

With such change, we can hope for what 2012 brings with Mitt Romney and then, like before he can offer what Ronald Reagan shared after his first 4 years - the original ad