Monday, December 10, 2007

Mitt Romney Faith in America Address, with Comparatives!

For those who didn't catch Mitt's address on Faith in America, watch here:

I think it is an interesting comparative when listening to Mitt's address and viewing Mike Huckabee's ad with specific reference to his "Christian Leadership." The unifying message of Romney vs the divisive message of Huckabee. It is one thing to be a man or woman of faith, it is another create divisiveness because of religion. All candidates running for office, Democratic or Republican are Christians. Some may be more faithful in their devotions than others, but isn't life's test one that we are all enduring? See the quote from Philo of Alexandria to the right of this post. As I have stated before, if you have to tell me you are honest or a Christian, I am immediately skeptical, it should be self-evident. Another point of comparison is the Presidential and serious approach of Romney vs the previous Chuck Norris Ad including his comedic and non-serious approach to the Presidency.

Another interesting comparative is to read the investigative Newsweek profiles of both Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Newsweek's primary focus on Romney is his faith with only complimentary commentary on his competency and success in business, philanthropy and governorship. However, in reading the commentary on Huckabee of which there is also a focus on his faith to which he should be complimented and his affability; but then followed by a plethora of concerns expressed on taxes, clear ethics violations juxtaposed with Clintonian responses (I am not sure what the definition of "is" is), his soft positions on illegal immigration and crime, and not being cognizant of current intelligent reports by the NIE (and being dismissive of such). Mr. Huckabee's Clintonian "integrity" causes me great distress. How blind can some be? We saw what happened when we elected Jimmy Carter, an intelligent man of faith, but the worst President in the history of America. Mike Huckabee is the reincarnate of Jimmy Carter. I find it of further interest that Mike Huckabee is under attack by Arkansas Republicans whereas Mitt Romney is under attack by Massachusetts Democrats.

For a host of reasons, I find the media hype and flavor of the month somewhat distressing as we approach the seriousness and critical dynamics of this election. Now is the time to give credence to honesty, integrity, values, electability and capability/competency. There is nothing more that the main stream media would want, a Huckabee representing the Republican Party. How easy would the Democratic victory be!

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Renna said...


Thank you for taking the time to add to the dialogue concerning the risks of suuporting a candidate such as Mike Huckabee. He is the perfect example of why so many Republicans have become independents - he feels that he and his religion are beyond reproach. He has an excuse for everyhting and has developed and excellent way of expressing his views that completely diffuses anything negative about him - he
gives christians a bad name.

Please continue exploring the increasing number of reasons why we must not support him.