Wednesday, February 4, 2009

American's Need to Speak Out and Pray for Barack and America!!!

Recent proffering from our leadership in Washington poses a number of significant concerns -

1. Nancy Pelosi. I know that many dismiss her already, but this woman, elected by a small liberal left in California, is the Speaker of the House - 3rd in line for the Presidency of the United States. Recently she was quoted as stating that their are 500 million Americans losing their jobs each month, when we have a total population of 300 million. She probably believes that 9 billion homes are under threat of foreclosure when we have a world population of 6 billion. Slip of the tongue, how about slip of the brain? If this were a single incident, we would likely let it pass, but... She also believes that "family planning", code words for birth control and abortion, is good for our economy. Has she not observed what is happening in Europe with declining birth rates and demography? Europeans are not reproducing (birth rates well below 1.5 per woman on average) and as a consequence are a declining population, whereas the European Islamic population is booming (better than 3.0 births per woman, on average). These changing demographics are having a profound affect on Europe and its vibrancy, economic and otherwise. And then there was her comment that of all people, she is bi-partisan and apolitical, this from a woman who is known for her public disdain for George Bush and all things Republican. Again, let me repeat, she is 3rd in line for the Presidency.

2. Joe Biden. This person is 2nd in line for the Presidency of the United States. There are not enough words in the English language, or space on the internet, for the gaffes, mis-statements and hyperbole of Joe Biden. Nice guy, but clueless. Let us hope that President Obama sees clearly the need to limit the role of the VP to attendance at state funerals. Again, let me repeat, he is 2nd in line for the Presidency.

3. Barack Obama. This person is President of the United States. His recent quote on the need for economic stimulus is indicative of his economic philosphies and proves the point on why we are left with the current "stimulus" package. Barack stated, in reference to GOP criticism that the stimulus package needs to include more tax cuts, and less for other programs, "I reject that theory, and so did the American people when they went to the polls in November and voted resoundingly for change." This is a man that believes the challenges before us are best solved, not by enabling the American people, but by enabling the US Government at the expense of the American people. He further believes that Americans are supportive of increased taxes, feeling a "patriotic duty", to quote Joe Biden, to give our money to the government to spend as they are the better steward.

Seriously, we need to pray for Barack; that he will choose to be humble, rather than be compelled, and change his course - after all, he is the agent of change. America and its people will not prosper under these policies and philosophies. We need to further pray that Barack will serve as President for a full term, the alternatives would be devastating.

In summary, the conclusion is to hold fast for 4 years and look to Mitt. The previous post is illustrative of why. It is unfortunate that our current President, albeit a nice guy, has become intoxicated with the adulation and power - that he has yet to realize he is the President and needs to lead. Instead, he is still running for President. Further, it seems that in his continuing run for the Presidency he isn't standing on principle, but is standing on appeasement. His cabinet choices reflect upon him, and that is disconcerting, at best. We need a man of sound moral character and principle to lead our nation. Pray for America.


tara said...

The prognosis is grim on these three alone, but we have to remain hopeful- and in the One who we should have real hope in! I am disheartened by the hype that has surrounded Barack Obama. Even members of my extended family have been swept away in the tide of his cry for "change" and seem to be so blinded by his charisma. I feel uneasy when I look at him. The media won this election for him.

ABC news reported on the National prayer service the day after the inauguration. This was not an intended highlight of the editorial, but they said that he sang along as the Childrens gospel choir sang He's got the whole world in his hands- "smiling". I hope the choir was not insinuating what I think they were.

steven said...

This great nation needs and deserves a President like Mitt Romney. Mitt has secured a nice foothold on being the right choice in four years. Now is the time to sow the fruitful seeds to those who have not heard the insightful message that Mitt believes is the right direction for this nation. Mitt believes in God, family, and country. If one professes a glory to God and takes care of the needs of his family, the needs of his country will follow in a logical order. Mitt has followed these principles all of his life. I remain optimistic that Americans will choose a man like Mitt who has a proven track record.