Monday, February 9, 2009

Meg Whitman for Governor

Gratefully, Meg Whitman has chosen to run for Governor of California. California leads our nation on many fronts, and its current fiscal crisis is not without consequence to our nation and hoped for recovery. California needs a capable leader like Meg. As a friend, I know she has the discipline and capacity to lead the state of California back to a solid footing. Please check out Meg's website and commit to help her lead the state by signing on to her campaign. Her sense of duty and service are grounded in correct principles and I have absolute confidence in the care she will take to lead the state with conservative family values.

Thank you Meg!


libhom said...

Like a lot of other people who were mistreated by EBay when she ran the company, I will be delighted to give money to her opponent should she win the GOP nomination.

That person shouldn't even be running for dog catcher.

Pa said...

libhom - I am sorry that you feel as you do. I have known Meg Whitman personally for a number of years and she is a great and very capable woman with tremendous skill sets, including being kind, caring and committed to the right things for the right reasons. I appreciate her capacity, but more importantly, her friendship, integrity and personal character. The State of California couldn't do any better. Any dissatisfaction you had with eBay is disappointing, and although Meg led the company, to paint her with the brush of your dissatisfaction may be a little far reaching. She managed, very capably and responsibly, one of the fastest growing enterprises in the world without compromise to sustainability and profitability. California needs her more than ever. The alternatives will continue the devastation, be it Governor Brown, Senator Feinstein, Mayor Newsom or others. Vote as you may, but please vote and let the people speak. They will reap the benefit or consequence of their majority vote.