Monday, October 13, 2008

Enjoying the Ride? What Now?

It was the best of times and the worst of times...

Within the political upheavals of the Presidential election, the markets down 800 one day and up 936 the next, where do we find stability and constancy, other than in "change?" With perspective, I believe that the current tumultuous environment simply reflects a lack of confidence, not just in the markets, but more so in the course and direction of our nation and those who are seeking to lead it. We are severely lacking in leadership and confidence in who can and will lead. The cynicism is abundant and the respondent distrust overwhelming. Neither Obama nor McCain have shown the capacity to lead and neither are trusted of any consequence, for both are "simply" politicians whose motivations are suspect. It is a sad commentary that we are relegated to choosing between the two. It is best summed up as politics as usual!

Even so, we have been through similar times in the past and in spite of it all, as Americans we survive and become stronger through the process. So what are we to do now in the midst of such uncertainty? I am troubled with the consequence of an Obama victory born of McCain's subordination of principled judgments to his opportunistic judgments. We live in a center-right nation, and McCain has yet to secure the confidence of the nation's majority. Our nation must look beyond the self-indulgent failings of both candidates and their mutual myopic aspiration for the Presidency and pick which person they feel will best "serve" the interests of the American people. I am convinced that what the nation doesn't know about Obama speaks for itself and a basis for serious distrust. Equally, so what we know about McCain is no less troubling.

Notwithstanding the lesser of two evils, we can only hope for a McCain Presidency. The economic policies of both candidates reflect a troubling populist mindset with little regard for the economic policies that our nation needs. With both, we will likely face a "Carter-type economy." We survived it before and will again. The social policies of Obama are beyond the pale and will set us further down the path of a European-type socialist bent. At least McCain will adhere to American principles of individual rights and preserve the freedoms on which our nation is founded, provided Congress maintains its partisan gridlock. What is tragic is the failing of each candidate to adhere to, and espouse traditional American values and principles. I truly believe that John McCain is a man of principle, he just wants to be President so badly the principles have been subordinated. John McCain, stand resolute and firm - don't play Obama's game, please lead!

Our nation was founded on principles of moral and natural law, where the people govern themselves. We don't need Congress and Obama to weigh in and tell us how to live our lives. We don't need McCain to proffer populist economic policies that redistribute wealth for the sake of vote pandering. If only we had a candidate that would stipulate their principles of governance and leadership, that we might be able to choose a leader that is resolute in correct principles.

Simply put -
1. On economics, adhere to free market principles that encourage global trade, growth and support for small business enterprise. Let the people keep their money with lower taxes - American's know better how to spend the dollar than does Congress. The entreneurial spirit of America has made us the leading economic nation in the world - why would anyone seek to diminish such!

2. On social policies, adhere to principles that strengthen the fundamental unit in society, the family. Let parents govern and manage their households and raise their children, not the schools or Congress. Any social policy that diminishes the family to any whit should be terminated, abandoned and relegated to the trash bin. Preserve the sanctity of marriage as it was set forth by God, and thus preserve the foundation of our nation, the American family. Do not succomb to the pressures of appeasement to societal shifts and extremes.

3. On the judiciary, stand firm for judges that adhere to the Constitution as seen through the Declaration of Indepence, founded on principles of moral and natural law. Do not secularize our judicial system where the people become subordinate.

4. On security, stand firm and resolute in protecting our nation from those who would seek our downfall. Be steadfast and not succomb to passifying the interests of world acclaim. Lead the world in righteousness and do not stand in mediocrity.

5. On religious freedom, do not subordinate God nor those who believe in Him to the interests of the extremes in society that would seek to minimize Him. We are a nation founded by and under His grace.

6. On entitlements, subordinate the demand for more to the principles stated herein. The entitlements in our society are choking us and disabling our capacity to remain the leading economic nation of the world. Socialism doesn't work, Europe proves it! Let us be resolute in realizing the entitlement systems in America are detrimental to our society. Government is the last resort for meeting such needs, not the first!

As complex as things are these days, there are core values, standards and principles whereby our nation has stood as the light of the world. It isn't that hard to do the right thing for the right reason.

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steven said...

Your six bullet points for the success of this nation is smack dap on the money. As I read each one I pictured what Obama would do if he was our President. In all six cases I feel Obama would do just the opposite of what you suggest. That alone is reason enough to vote for McCain. I fear Obama's real agenda is to institute a "Great Society II" program. Of course he would raise taxes on the upper income earners, but he will also raise taxes on the middle class. I believe his adgenda is to merge the middle class with the lower class. This scares me and it should scare everyone.
Your political thinking is very sound. Neither on these candidates have ever run a business or made a payroll. They are political wonks of big government. Congress should have cut taxes to stimulate the economy and they did not. Obama wants to re-distribute the wealth and we know (via the Carter years) that does not work. This nation needs the business growing leadership like we would have gotten from a Romney administration. I dont see that leadership in either candidate. No matter who wins this his very first appointment to a cabinet post should be Mitt Romney. I dont think that is going to happen. God help this Nation.
ps Thank you for making these well thought out posts. We need more people thinking like you.