Monday, October 27, 2008

You Decide Where Deception Lies!

Who should we listen to - factual accounts or misleading and deceptive ads?

Yes on Prop 8 has factual support for the impact of Same-Sex Marriage on California's education.

Massachusetts is dealing with it as well.

The No on Prop 8 Campaign's misleading ad.


Pa said...

Jason, we are in agreement that politics are to be left out of our churches. Even so, marriage is an institution established by our Creator and endowed to man; an institution and covenant that is a recognized status of the state. When the government seeks to impose itself and redefine the institution created within the church, the church has every right to intercede and defend that which it holds sacred - it is not political, but moral and goes to the basics of preserving religious freedom. Mormons are not dead-set on keeping people from doing what they want to, they have their agency. Mormons are about defending freedom, liberty and the sanctity of marriage. Why does the same gender attraction community want to tear down and diminish that which Mormons hold sacred? Why does the same gender attraction community want to trample upon the freedoms of others for their own gain? When challenged at a debate at Chapman University this past week, the opponents to Prop 8 stated, "we need to rid ourselves in society of the opinion that promiscuity is not moral." In other words, we need to redefine morality in society as a standard of behavior to include promiscuous behavior - sorry I cannot abide such thoughts and do not want these attitudes taught in our schools to impressionable minds. Studies have indicated that 75% of avowed homosexuals have had in excess of 100 sexual partners - this is not a standard that anyone in society should hold as moral. Sorry, but on this point righteous judgments apply. If they choose to so live, let them do as they wish, but do not impose these standards as acceptable in our society which is founded on moral and natural law!

steven said...

Your thinking is rational and factual. Those on the other side of this issue want to lower your (our) values and standards to match their own. This is unacceptable. I think those on the other side also want to make the minority into the majority. Again this goes against every tenent that our nation was founded on. Everyone needs to be concerned. The standard MO of this group is to tumble the dominos one at a time. The majority must stand strong.