Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is there any Hope?

If one were to look at the state of all things in the US and the world, you would have to ask, "is there any hope?" Amid market turmoil - both capital markets and real estate markets, economic distress, political divisiveness and partisanship, terrorist threats, mediocrity in society with the acceptance and often embrace of secularism, corruption and immorality in our politicians, pride among men driven by selfish interests and excess, the extremes of society seeking to impose adoptive abhorrent behavior upon society and portraying it as good and normal, society's diminutive view of that which is good and righteous - even portraying such as bad, a broken educational system that has adopted society's distance from morality, a judiciary that has strayed from the tenets upon which our nation was founded - moral and natural law, and on and on. Although not a student of history as much as I should be, but with sufficient knowledge of things past, we have been here before. The current ills of society, as much as they are disconcerting to many (or should be), such have been faced by society's past, and to an even greater degree in many cases.

Even so, the question remains, "is there any Hope?" The answer is a resounding, YES! We live as spoken of by Charles Dickens in a Tale of Two Cities, ...it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. We live in a day where all things are abundant, and our capacity to act therein is more of a journey and tutoring process, hence the constancy of corrections and adjustments in society. That being said, we must be grounded in moral principles that become our constants. It is within natural law that when obedient to such principles and constants, our capacity to succeed and thrive is enlarged, with consequential joy therein. Unfortunately, there are many in our society that are not so grounded, and will blow with the winds and situational standards of society. For many in society think that there are shortcuts, or that obedience to such divine governing principles is not for them - that there is a deceptive and alternate short cut. This "flaxen cord" and entitled mindset is a false hope and pursuit therein only leads to sorrow, challenge, trial and tribulation. The course is really quite simple and provides the needed perspective to know what truly matters and what does not - in the end it is not about our selfish indulgence, but in obedience to correct principles born of moral and natural law. The hope for America resides in the majority of Americans who adhere to morality and that which is good, true and constant in their lives. If there was ever a time for the majority to STAND and defend their freedoms and principles born of natural and moral law - IT IS TODAY!

In California today many parents are standing for that which is right. Their children remain home from school to send a message to the extremes in society who have thought they could co-opt the educational system to proffer their liberal agenda. With the California Teacher's Association recent donation of over $1,000,000 to support same sex marriage, they have deluded themselves thinking that the majority are like unto themselves. The irony in their donation to proffer their position on same sex marriage and their delusions, is that they have failed to realize that by proffering such a position and if successful there will be fewer students to teach and the jobs of California teachers will be at risk. For many parents in California will not abide the same sex marriage agenda in education and will opt out, choosing to home school or private school their children.

America is the greatest nation on the earth, born of divine intercession - may we not turn all together therefrom. As we look to the current election, it is my hope in America and in Americans that they will stand for what is right, good and true, and vote with a discernible consciousness for candidates who do not proffer the "flaxen cord" and entitled standards, but for candidates who stand for freedom and moral principles of family, life and liberty. My hope is that Americans won't be swayed by the scripted and marketed messaged (without substance) of Barack Obama and his cronies who espouse destructive standards to life, family and liberty, but that they will see through the flaws of John McCain and his inability to communicate with eloquence and vote for correct, moral and principles that are constant to the founding of our nation. Joe the Plumber is a reaffirming hope to me that there are many like him in America who albeit not perfect but are striving for that which is good, and adhere to the traditions of our fathers. May we all remember upon whom we rely and for what purpose we are here, that we may live and serve accordingly!

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steven said...

Your commentary is spot on and well thought out. I fear the citizens of California have swayed too far to the left. Common sense has gone out the window on many occasions. Case in point the new state budget, Gay marriage, a loose border policy and many others. At the very least CA. needs to move a bit more to the center.