Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Cause Worth Fighting!

To Ann and Mitt Romney - we cannot say it enough, thank you for the continued sacrifice in leading this great cause. It is a cause worth fighting for, and if ever a Title of Liberty was needed in our day, it is now. Although, we have all thought that we would be in a different place than we are, we are anxiously engaged in the fight, having rallied a conservative groundswell. We find it interesting and somewhat disappointing that we are opposed by those who would say and do anything to gain the Presidency, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for the resolve to continue and defend what is right, it is worth it! Eleven golds, eleven silvers and 6 bronze, Congratulations!

To our readers - It is clear that our message hasn’t fully saturated and electrified the electorate where it needs to; to the point of people abandoning the media bias and wanting to be enlisted into our Cause. Of course, when faced with a two-pronged counter attack from McCain and Huckabee, it is not surprising. But our cause and the message has begun to take hold, it is resonating and will lead the majority to abandon the media bias and the McCain ways of Washington, and join with us in Changing that which is broken! Keep the faith and continue to invite others to join us, it is a cause worth fighting.

From our vantage point, the key takeaways from Super Tuesday are:

1) It’s the Economy and it is inextricable link to National Security. You can't have one without the other, and John McCain admittingly, knows nothing of economics.

2) Washington IS broken and needs to be FIXED, and can only be fixed by someone capable from outside the hallways and backrooms of Washington.

3) The Heart and Soul of the Republican Party needs defending and unifying, and one who does not hold such in his heart (John McCain) cannot not lead to a place he is not at.

4) Mitt Romney is the one to lead this effort. He is the only viable candidate that can Unify that which has been fractured by the detractors of conservatism.

John McCain and Mike Huckabee have compromised the principles of integrity by their continued distortions, lies and misrepresentations. They have employed dishonest and backroom politics to win at any cost. Truth and right ultimately prevail and as such their true characters of duplicity and willingness to say and do anything, without regard to integrity and honesty, to win will be revealed. This is a significant battle for what is right and in spite of negative and dishonorable tactics by McCain and Huckabee, Mitt Romney will stand tall and on principle, and win with integrity. To paraphrase John McCain, "when you play in the mud with pigs, you get muddy, and the pigs like it."

John McCain, if he were to represent the Republican Party, would be shellacked by Barack Obama. As Ann Coulter has stated, Hillary would beat him as the conservatives in our Party would not rally behind him. Mitt Romney is the only one who can win this election for conservative Republican principles.

For those who stand with Mitt and Ann, appreciating their sacrifice and commitment, remain constant and true. Continue to make your contributions to the primary campaign, and above all invite those that you know to join the cause. We fight on!

For those with questions, some further points to consider below:

· Super Tuesday proved that this is a very fluid election. Gov. Romney won seven states, including Colorado and Minnesota where Republicans must be competitive in the general election.

· The nomination is by no means settled. Even assuming that McCain reaches 700 delegates once counting finishes in California, he would still need to win 77% of delegates from upcoming states to secure the nomination by April 1.

· Gov. Romney did surprisingly well in several key, battleground states. Gov. Romney won Minnesota despite Sen. McCain have the support of the sitting Republican governor and senator. Gov. Romney also did better than expected in Georgia and Missouri.

· Gov. Romney has received eleven gold medals, eleven silver medals and six bronzes. He is the clear full-spectrum conservative in this race.

Post-Feb. 5:

· On Thursday, Gov. Romney will be at the Conservative Political Action Conference where Gov. Romney will address his vision for the future of the Republican Party and nation.

· After Feb. 5, we expect to be competitive in the Kansas and Washington state caucuses on Feb. 9 and then the Feb. 12 states – Virginia, Maryland, and also Washington, D.C.

· Upcoming states will be fertile ground for Gov. Romney because the two largest states on the primary calendar between today and April 1, Texas and Ohio, are favorable terrain. Texas has a very conservative GOP primary vote and 140 delegates; Ohio's economy is similar to Michigan and the state has 88 delegates.

· Gov. Romney did well in caucus states where we focused our energy and resources. In just a few days, Republican voters will caucus in Kansas (39 delegates, winner-take-all) and Washington (40 delegates, proportional) which promise to be strong states for Gov. Romney.

Conservatives Are Coalescing Behind Governor Romney:

· Once again, Gov. Romney carried conservative voters by wide margins. Nationally, he won conservatives by double-digits, 42%-31% over Sen. McCain.

· Even in states Sen. McCain won, Gov. Romney carried conservative voters. For instance, in California, Gov. Romney won conservatives by six points, 39%-33%. Gov. Romney even won conservatives in McCain's home state of Arizona, 43%-40%.

The Republican Party Is Not Coalescing Behind Sen. McCain And Gov. Huckabee:

· Super Tuesday's results show that Sen. McCain is not the presumptive Republican nominee as he himself had expected.

· Sen. McCain made several campaign mistakes. He spent the last few days campaigning where he was the strongest – New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He also spent time in Massachusetts where Gov. Romney won comfortably.

· Gov. Huckabee is not expanding his base of support. He overperformed anywhere where there were large numbers of evangelical voters and underperformed wherever there weren't. Gov. Huckabee's lack of support is evident in his underperforming showings in AZ, CA, NJ, NY, CT and MA.

· Gov. Huckabee has lost five states to Ron Paul, including at least three on Super Tuesday.

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