Friday, February 8, 2008

Disappointed but Grateful!

Thank You, Mitt and Ann!

It has been a very difficult and soul searching week. Even so, amid the disappointment I am grateful for the candidacy of Governor Mitt Romney, our friendship and participation in the cause we fought together. Mitt and Ann Romney stated over a year ago that they would never embarrass those who supported them. Not only were they true to their word, they have made us very proud. Hugh Hewitt speaks well to it HERE. They have sacrificed more than many realize out of love of country and patriotism. They ran not out of selfish interest, but out of duty and service to our nation. I am further convinced that the nation and the Republican Party will have sincere regrets over this past week and the absence of a Romney nomination and Presidency. It was the option of the nation to choose the most qualified candidate for President of the United States in nearly 100 years, and yet… We are now left with choosing the lesser of two evils in John McCain and Barack Obama (yes I believe he will win over Hillary). All that has been stated previously about John McCain stands as true today as it was when written. And so it pains me greatly as I personally choose to support one who is unworthy of the office by virtue of his lack of integrity over an individual who stands in good character but has the wrong philosophy for America. Mitt was right when he stated at CPAC, it is critical that we as a nation stand together in defending freedom and not abandoning our troops who are in harm’s way. The only shot we have to elect a Republican candidate who will preserve our National Security interest and espouse Freedom is to coalesce now and support cause over individual, in the form of John McCain. I still struggle with our chances in November when faced with an Obama rush, however, if we stand as one, experience and judgment should prevail. Furthermore, if John McCain were smart and intelligent, he would ask Mitt to join the ticket, thus giving substance to the conservative platform and strength in assuring a stronger economy. Notwithstanding, there is no promise of such.

My wife and I have taken leave of the country (Antarctica) for a couple of weeks to decompress and recharge. Even so, we press forward in a great cause of patriotism, trusting in the Almighty that America will be wise. Let us not lose hope, but hold fast in what is right. Thank you all for your support of Governor Romney!


sara said...

Very well written. I have enjoyed your posts over the past month or so. I too have been encouraging my family, friends, and blog readers to take a deep breath and vote for McCain in the fall, as much as we don't like him his vision is better than Obama's. Mitt's CPAC speech was so great. Have a wonderful trip!

Kirsten Sue said...

Couldn't have said it better myself. Obama makes me so mad I hope Republicans don't turn to him instead of McCain. Great blog!