Sunday, February 10, 2008

If Huckabee Wasn't On a Vanity Run!

If Mike Huckabee had any class and wasn't pursuing his vanity run, he would stand aside and assure a unified Republican Party a chance in November. Huckabee will not displace McCain as the nominee and from inside sources, and most reasonable thought, McCain will not allow Huckabee any proximity to a McCain candidacy. Mike - get a clue, and stand aside!


Anonymous said...

The "Huckster" is hanging around with the hopes of being named McCain's Veep. This is not going to happen. My inside sources say the Veep chioce has already been made. McCain needs to add a little youthfulness to the ticket. He also needs to add someone with responsible fiscal abilities and he needs to add a bit more "Conservativeness." He also needs to add someone who is not a Washington insider. My sources tell me that person is a little known governor from a Midwest state.

Anonymous said...

I dont think McCain is going to ignore the many talents of Gov. Romney. I think Mitt will be asked serve as Secretary of the Treasury or Secretary of Commerce. If McCain wins he knows he is going need the help of the best and the brightest. Personally I would like to see Mitt as Secretary of State.