Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Its all about Character and Integrity.

Each Presidential Campaign reflects the character and integrity of its Candidate. Yes, policies and issues matter and they are that which draw us to our respective candidates, but it is their character and integrity that commits us to the effort. Even so and notwithstanding policies and issues, in my opinion, if a candidate is without integrity and character, the policies and issues are of no consequence. We are a principled people, at least in the majority! Maybe I am too idyllic in my expectation, but this has been and continues to be an educational experience. Given our proximity to the inside of a Presidential Campaign, I find the juxtaposition interesting when comparing the 4 remaining Presidential contenders. The distinctions in both the Democratic and in the Republican races are quite similar and dramatic.

For example, when comparing Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both have similar policies and positions on the issues, albeit it one may be more left than the other, and both have committed supporters. Barack and his campaign have reflected integrity in their pursuit of the Presidency and his supporters are more committed to the cause he espouses because of such (a mile deep), whereas the Clinton campaign also having avid supporters, has been without honor or integrity in their pursuit of the Presidency, and it is my opinion that the Clinton base is less educated and those that are educated are driven more by compulsion, power and position than anything else (an inch deep). It is an interesting dynamic that is not lost in the Republican race either.

In comparing the current Republican race, Mitt Romney and John McCain are not equals by any measure and their positions and capabilities are quite distinct and different. Setting aside the disagreements on issues, solutions and capability, it is the character and integrity of the candidates that matter most to me. Even though I do not and cannot agree with John McCain's positions on matters critical to our nation, i.e., energy independence, immigration, national security, the economy, education and so on, it is the lack character and integrity reflected in his campaign that distresses me so, for it is a clear reflection of the man. Today my phone line and email have been inundated with complaints of California voters who have been called by the McCain campaign with false statements and lies about Mitt Romney, calls stating Mitt supports abortion or amnesty. These dishonest characteristics were also employed in Florida as well. Conjunctive with the recent backroom deal to hijack the West Virginia election process reflect accurately upon John McCain, an individual without honor, integrity and honesty. I have pondered the nature of those who support Mr. McCain and how it is that he can find enough people to lie on his behalf. What is it that drives them? Is it their ignorance and their blindness to his duplicity? Is it power? Is it compulsion and fear? Most likely, all of the above! Even so, I don't know if we will ever know for sure. But this I do know, John McCain is no Mitt Romney. I have known Mitt for a few years and I know him as a man of honor and integrity, committed to a righteous cause for the right reasons. Ann Romney stated early in the campaign, "we will never embarrass you," and they continue to keep that promise.

The Republican race is very competitive and Mitt continues to run a campaign that reflects who he is, a man of honor and integrity, while John McCain runs a dirty and dishonest campaign, again a reflection of the man that he is. I find it also interesting that because of his incapacities and failings in things that matter, John McCain has resorted to the tactics that he has, a win at any cost approach. It will not work! I have faith in the people of this nation and my further hope is that America will finally see John McCain for who he is and what he represents. California will lead the way and deliver a decisive victory for Mitt today.