Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interesting Strategy - Blame Bush!

It is interesting to note, when observing the political strategy and consequential rants of Barack Obama, that in all things he blames George Bush. Obama must feel the key to his success, in his run for POTUS, is in being the anti-Bush. For he has clearly defined his strategy of running against George Bush and not John McCain. Rather than proffer his own experience, credentials and visions (of which he has few), he runs principally on the anti-Bush ticket, claiming that his opponent, John McCain, is Bush incarnate and a third term thereof.

President Bush isn't without criticism on certain points, especially given his failure to hold Congress (Republican or Democratic) accountable, and thus squandering an opportunity to limit the size of government. Even so, the responsibility must rest with Congress, for Congress has failed our nation, not the President. He could and should have done more, but it doesn't excuse the failings of our Legislative branch.

That being said, the positive things done under the leadership of George Bush are significant, and America should be grateful for his leadership in America's Midnight Moments. Under President Bush, we have had no further destructive terrorist attacks on our land; when our economy was under serious threat, because of 9/11, President Bush led our nation in an economic recovery unlike any before, with tax cuts, and economic policies that favored all Americans. Under President Bush, America has flourished and grown, both domestically and internationally, with the strongest economy in the world, in spite of recent travails. Yes, he has led us in war, which could have been managed with greater acuity - even so, America has stood on principles of democracy and taken nothing unto itself, even giving the last measure of what has made America great, the lives of its soldiers in the defense of righteousness. Under President Bush, America has dedicated in excess of $30 billion to aid and attend the suffering of many in Africa, something President Clinton and those who have preceded him have not done.

Appreciating that the media has done all in its power and influence to undermine and diminish President Bush, even to providing foundation for Obama's strategy of Blaming Bush - I am perplexed!

Why is it that George Bush is responsible for:

-Irresponsible spending, even to ballooning the national debt by $3 trillion, when it is Congress that approves and legislates such?

-The current economic crisis, when it is Congress that has legislated and enabled lax lending and credit standards, even giving expanded capacity to the markets? It is not President Bush that has instilled the reckless actions of Wall Street and the underpinning greed thereof, it resides with the barons of Wall Street and their pursuit of return without consideration of the inherent risks. It is the American people who share responsibilty for living beyond their means, not the President of the United States. We are a people who have chosen not to take responsiblity, but to place the blame at the feet of George Bush and his "failed policies." Let us all stand accountable, recognizing that our choices, be we the barons of Wall Street, or sub prime borrowers, come with consequence. It is easy to blame others, but haven't we become caught up with excess?

-The corruption of politicians, both Republican and Democrat, when it remains with the individuals who have acted in violation of the law?

-The rampant expansion of lobbyists and undue influence in Congress, when it is Congress that is accountable for self governance and ethics?

-The failed auto industry and challenges in the economy's of Michigan, Ohio and the rust belt, when it is the Governors and state legislators that are responsible for their self determination and state economic models?

Barack Obama is so bent on painting such a bleak picture for the future of America, putting all responsibility on George Bush and the Republicans, that it has become ridiculous. Before long, it will be George Bush's fault that the NY Yankess failed to make the playoffs. It could become a new mantra in society when anything has gone wrong that somehow it is George Bush's fault. If you lose your job, fail to lose weight, trip and fall, or struggle with computer skills - it must be George Bush's fault.

Some attest to Barack's intelligence and it is his intelligence that is going to save us. Wake up America, Barack Obama is incapable of saving us! Observe and listen to what Barack is saying - all things rest at the feet of George Bush, and none of it is good. What happened to hope for our future - does it all rest at the feet of Barack Obama? Is he going to take credit for fixing every ill or every problem we face, individually or in society? Look who is supporting him? Do we really feel that Hollywood represents what is good in our nation? Are the uneducated actors in Hollywood really that astute to know how to save our dying America? Really?

Barack Obama epitomizes the failings of our current entitled society - he believes in "choice" without responsibility and accountability, he believes in "tolerance" as acceptance even if in violation of core values and not respect, which is what tolerance is, he believes in equality without consideration of the price that is paid for such. Barack Obama's economic policies, if employed, will severely damage our economy, but like unto Jimmy Carter's destructive economic policies, we can overcome such in a few short years - we are a resilient nation. Even so, we will not so easily overcome Barack's social and cultural agenda. It will take us 40-50 years, if even then, to overcome his appointments to the judiciary of advocates that undermine our freedoms like unto the California Supreme Court in their decision to redefine marriage to the subordination of religious freedom to the lifestyle of those with same gender attraction.

John McCain may not be all that we want in a leader, but of all things, he understands the principles and foundations of Freedom and will stand as a defender of what is right.

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