Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Palin Query?

A day doesn't pass where the question isn't asked, what about Sarah Palin? If the polls are to be believed (a stretch), McCain's gambit has paid off so far - he is now up in the Gallup Poll by 3% and Zogby by 4%. Even so, we still have just shy of a couple of months before we really know.

In my heart of hearts, I hope for a McCain/Palin Presidency as the alternative is frightening beyond measure. If, at the end of the day, we are relegated to an Obama/Biden Presidency, with a strong Democratic majority in the houses of Congress, with certainty we will suffer economically; windfall profits taxes on oil companies, increased capital gains tax, eliminating the upper limit on social security withholdings (a significant tax increase), increased personal taxes on anyone making over $150,000, a ballooned national debt to cover social initiatives, and on and on. Even so, an economic consequence of Obama can be overcome within a reasonsed period of time, believing that Obama will be like unto Carter and serve only one disasterous term. The greater concern lies within the cultural and social shifts we will suffer on the slippery slope of society's situational standards. The judicial appointments, both Federal and Supreme, will take nearly 40-50 years to recover from, if then.

Hence, my concern for McCain's recent choices, with a hoped for validation of his selection in Sarah Palin. I hold Charles Krauthammer in great regard, as he eloquently elucidates on critical points of worth in this election cycle. There are few who can compete with his intellect and understanding. He makes a great point in this recent Washington Post Opinion. It looks as if we have a short wait, as long as it may seem, before we truly know if McCain's gamble paid off. Here's to hope for a wise electorate that can see the lack of substance and serious failing in an Obama administration. If not, heaven help us all!


steven said...

Very good points and I agree with all of them except for one. I have long thought that those in the upper brackets ($500,000 and above) should pay the Social Security tax on their entire income with the matching amount paid by employers being exempt. Why is this NOT a good idea?

Pa said...


An interesting thought on Social Security, but rather than impose the tax on the higher limit, would it not be more economic to means test the process. Those with sufficient means (especially those having earned $500,000+) would not encumber the system. Two sides to a square, we probably get to the same place with different paths. I just struggle with further taxation on any level, as it empowers the government with more of money to deploy as they deem appropriate.

steven said...

Point well taken. I think I like your solution better than mine. The more I think about it the state and federal governments dont have an "income" problem they have a "spending" problem.