Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Protect, Save Marriage? An Inflection Point and Defining Moment?

California is the primary battlefront for freedom and liberty in our society today and it is getting a little ugly. Even so, in the midst of it there are no surprises. Many have read this blog and our advocacy for Proposition 8. Let me be clear, Proposition 8 consists of fourteen (14) words:

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California."

That is it. And yet, many in California are confused, why? There are two forces at play, the Protect Marriage Coalition advocating a YES vote on Proposition 8, and a Save Marriage advocacy group supporting a vote No on Proposition 8. Unfortunately, truth has become a situational standard in our society today. When many speak of truth it is no longer a constant, but a variable changing in the societal winds as they blow to and fro. The battle over Proposition 8 proves the point.

The Save Marriage advocacy that supports a "no" vote, does so by deception, guile and oblique lies (maybe not so oblique) and innuendo. How can they save something that eludes them, when in fact their actions are contrary to marriage as it is known today? How can they save something that they have redefined and fail to understand?

Marriage in California and in our nation has been recognized as that between one man and one woman. It is grounded in religion and tradition through the ages. It is the basis and foundation of our society and many throughout the world, given tenderly of our loving Heavenly Father for the procreation, joy and happiness of man. It has not been defined by the State, but recognized in its original form by the State as a "status." It is not within the State's authority to redefine, but in the people's charge. The same gender attraction community would have us believe otherwise, arguing their disenfranchisement, hence their judicial appeals. The same gender attraction community has gone to the extreme to promote their cause as "saving marriage" when in fact, they seek to redefine and destroy it as it is known today. A vote "no" or against Proposition 8 sets in motion the very dilution and destruction of marriage as we know it in our society, hence the lie perpetrated in their slogan. The subtleties in our society have become the destructive forces that when we look back have wreaked havoc beyond measure.

Our hope is to truly "Protect Marriage" with a Yes vote on Proposition 8, and in doing so, preserve the very familial foundation of our society; to preserve the fundamental religious freedom and liberty upon which our nation was founded. It is interesting to note that in the founding of our nation, born in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that followed, we are a nation established under the purview of our Creator and governed by moral and natural law (of which traditional marriage is fundamental). The unalienable rights established in the Declaration of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are within the bounds of our Creator, even God. The disruptive thought of our nation's founding was in turning our nation from a secular state where the State was the supreme authority served by the people (as in Great Britain under King George), to a moral and natural law state under the fundamental principles of God where the People were the supreme authority served by the State. When we undertake to undermine the freedoms and liberties established at the founding of our nation, wherein we defer to the State (or Judiciary) to legislate and deny the very freedoms and liberties granted, i.e., religious freedom, we become a secular nation where the State becomes the master and the people the servant. The issues rest with the People for determination and not the State, for the State is a protector of the People not a determinant.

Yes, Proposition 8 is an inflection point, even a defining moment in our nation. We must preserve the very principles of freedom at our nation's founding, respecting the rights, privileges and liberties of all, without compromise the fundamental and basic unit of our nation, the family and traditional marriage as it is known between one man and one woman. If we fail to pass Proposition 8 with a "YES" vote, we subordinate religious freedom and the people to the State; we deny certain children the blessing and right of a father and mother; we destroy the principles of moral and natural law upon which our nation was founded; and, we become a secular state subject to judicial interpretation and subjection where the people are subordinate.

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day who indicated in his conversation with the opponents to Proposition 8 that if Proposition 8 failed to pass, polygamy would become legal in California. To which the individual objected saying that polygamy is morally reprehensible. Well? It is true, without a specific definition as noted above, we will be faced with the legality of same sex marriage, polygamous marriage and whatever else man can devise. For the opponents of Proposition 8 to find polygamy immoral, well? Even so, it is all about families and children.

A good friend noted today in our conversation, "Reserve marriage for procreative relationships and let civil unions take care of themselves, vote YES on Proposition 8."

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steven said...

I agree with you 100% but the gay and lesbian faction in California have knocked down the first domino and I fear many more dominos are going to fall. I fear Californians are doing to allow the gay community to have their way. Much of CA. is liberal beyond belief. Just look at what the liberals did to the state budget that was just approved. I just dont see this issue going our way. I hope Im wrong.