Monday, September 1, 2008

Title of Liberty - Now Is The Time To Stand In Defense of Freedom!

Today we face a world in commotion and situational standards that tear at the very fabric of our Freedom and Liberty. Words and definitions have changed; "tolerance" has become acceptance and embrace - even if contrary to core values and principles, "choice" has become the entitlement of society without accountability and responsibility, and "equality" has come to mean that we are all entitled to what everyone else has irrespective of consequence, principles or liberties compromised. These redefinitions matter, for they have formed the basis for certain entitled generations in our society to undermine our freedoms and liberties.

Consider the point of our courts who have trampled upon our religious freedoms, allowing for the "disenfranchised" to subordinate religious freedom to their individual wants and desires. Consider the New Mexico couple who photograph weddings being compelled by the courts to pay damages to the Same-Gender-Attraction couple because they chose not to photograph their "union," or the private Christian fertility clinic in San Diego that was compelled, against their religious principles, to artificially inseminate a Same-Gender-Attraction woman, even though they willingly referred her elsewhere. We have stepped on that slippery slope and the consequences are devastating to what truly matters in society.

We face a defining moment in choosing the next POTUS. Our very freedoms and liberties are at stake. Many in society may be sufficiently cynical and opt out of the process, dismissing their vote altogether, and some may even diminish, privately or publicly, those who would exercise their right to vote. Some may say, "what's the use in even voting at all," it doesn't matter. On the contrary, IT MATTERS! Whether victorious in our hopes and desires for our candidate to become the next POTUS, it matters that we exercise our right and our God-given duty to stand in defense of freedom!

Consider what we face. As noted in the illustrations above, we have sufficiently strayed from the founding principles of our free society, in the name of "tolerance, choice and equality." We have one candidate running for POTUS who epitomizes the "entitled generation" and adopts the current attitudes of "tolerance, choice and equality," at the expense of our religious liberty. It is not to say he is a bad person, just misguided and sufficiently persuaded contrary to the founding principles of our nation. We have in another, an individual whose freedoms were denied earlier in his life - he understands and stands in defense of those founding principles. May we be wise and thoughtful and exercise our dutiful right and privilege! It Matters!

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