Monday, November 10, 2008

And So It Begins...

President-elect Obama's transition and policy teams are hard at work for America and the world. Already intimated, some of his first actions will be to repudiate the Bush Policy on USAID funds for family planning and global aid policies (see here). Rather than adhere to the moral standard of abstinence, President-elect Obama is sharing condoms with the world and abandoning Bush's policy of education and abstinence to qualify for USAID funding. On the Homeland Security front, President-elect Obama and his policy advisors are planning to transport the Gitmo detainees, many of whom are violent enemies of the US, to the US (our free land) for criminal trials (see here). I wonder who will represent them in our legal system? And with many federal judicial appointments in the offing, let's pray for the health of our judiciary. It hasn't even been a week and we are beginning to see the course of the next four years. I suppose that we shouldn't be surprised!

Hold on, as we slip down the slippery slope of undermining the moral fiber of our nation, the family and marriage; and then, the weakening of our homeland security, our military, and our freedoms for the sake of appeasement to the "entitled society." Let's hope his economic advisors exercise reason and market principles in seeking to restore our nation's economic health.

Although trying to remain without cynism, it is difficult. With Gordon Brown calling on the US (Barack Obama) to join with him and building a "Global Society," I am sincerely worried that we will become as Europe is, socially and economically. Not a pleasant thought! We are in for tough times as the will of the American electorate has chosen our course of Change!


Pa said...

Steven - apologies for the recast comment below. No changes, just fat fingers on my part when moderating the comment.

I think you have pretty much "hit the nail on the head" with this thoutful post. Your quote "Let's hope his economic advisors exercise reason and market principles in seeking to restore our nation's economic health." is the one and only glimmer of hope that I hold out for. This is really a time for President-elect Obama to reach out for the wisdom of a man like Mitt Romney. Bring him in as an executive consultant to the President. Bring him in as the Treasury head. Bring him in as the Commerce head. If Mr. Obama really wanted to "reach across the aisle" he would find a prominent place in the administration for Mitt. What would it cost to bring Gov. Romney on board? $200,000? $300,000? Mitt would be a bargain at twice the price. But of course I expect Obama to play the typical Dem game. He will probably ignore Mitt all together. America will lose in the end. Gov. Romney has stood the test of economic times. He has prospered in good times and in bad times. He knows the lay of the economic land. In short, he has a track record and we cant say that about Obama.
Thanks for your thought provoking post.

steven said...

No need for an apology, Sir. You should see my fat fingers at work. Not a pretty sight. Im just glad to see you are human. lol