Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Difficult and Defining Moment

With Ohio having gone to Obama, it is nigh unto impossible for McCain to pull of his come from behind victory. It is time for reconciliation as challenging as it may be - all hail the reign of King Obama. We are facing some difficult times ahead, not only economically, but socially. Sensing what is on the horizon in his glorious reign, our only hope is that America comes to its senses by 2012. Hopefully, America turns it lonely eyes to Mitt Romney!

After three years of active involvement both in front and behind the scenes, and as enlightening as this experience has been, it has born its share of frustrations. Our nation has failed in its sifting of Presidential candidates. Neither Obama or McCain reflected the best of our nation; as stated before, the lesser of two evils. In this Presidential election, whether Democrat or Republican, it was always about the personal interests and egos of Barack and McCain. As much as John McCain proffered Country First, it has always been about John McCain; and Barack is no different. Even so, in spite of honoring John McCain for his service to our nation, he has been one of the more flawed candidates to run from the Republican Party, by his own acknowledgement of his ignorance about the economy. And this was an economic election! His campaign has been a travesty for the nation and the Republican Party. Yes, it has been a difficult climate for the Republican Party given the squandering of opportunity by the Republican members of the House and Senate, and the Executive Branch. Notwithstanding this climate, John McCain's poor campaign management, strategic judgments and opportunistic decisions without substance, has born the consequences - America has lost. The thought of Barack, Harry and Nancy without imbedded checks and balances, oh my!

It now demands our hunkering down, and continuing to stand for what is right. Now is the time to hold the Democrats accountable, a frightening thought. In spite of accountability, we will suffer significant economic consequence and even greater social consequence! May we hold fast in our homes to what is right.

Time to work for 2010 and 2012!

The consolation this night is the hope for the passage of Proposition 8 in California and the resolve of the nation to not let Barack, Harry and Nancy undermine families and marriage. May we stand firm on retaining the Defense of Marriage Act passed by Congress!

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Mark and Loralee Carey said...

We are just distraught...can't believe how stupid half this country is...