Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Done, what next?

It seems that those in the know have called the Proposition 8 election for the Yes vote. Finally. What next? Apparently, Gloria Allred has stated she will file suit in protest of the passage of Proposition 8 using a different argument than what she used in the last legal suit that caused the California Supreme Court to approve same sex marriages. We will eventually pass through this period of denial by those opposed to Proposition 8, but the courts will be hard pressed to act contrary to the will of the people, again. The opposition may well seek to ballot the issue again. As noted previously, we need to find a common ground of understanding. Patience and perseverance.

Hats off to Barack Obama for running an amazing campaign - it speaks to great organizational and inspirational skill sets and capacities. He has accomplished and met an amazing measure. He will be our 44th President and is to be congratulated and respected. Even so, it doesn't change the fact that we are in for a ride and will suffer the consequences foretold. Our nation will be more diluted in the world, we may well suffer on several fronts from a weakend and diluted military, the war on terror will be more difficult, our economy will continue to slide and suffer with a plan of wealth re-distribution and taxation, our health care system will suffer from further government intervention, the entitlement programs will expand, our judicial system will step further on the slippery slope of secularism and subordination of our freedoms and liberties, climate change (global warming) will rise to the top, and on and on. Yes, it will be the Carter years, again, only more expansive and expensive. It is not a pleasant prospect, but there will always be Hope, and of course Change! Once the euphoria wears thin, reality will set in.

And so it begins...

We will persist in fighting the good fight, hopefully in our continued striving to overcome the contrary social winds and disturbing policies of our newly minted administration and liberal Congress. We will continue to raise the issues and hold Barack, Harry and Nancy accountable. We will seek to rebuild and re-energize the Republican Party. And we will look to the mid-terms in 2010 and the Presidential election in 2012. We will lay foundations to take back the country and redirect what comes in the next 4 years to the center-right nation that we are (at least I hope we are). We will prepare a fertile ground for Mitt's next run by building grass roots networks nation wide through The Eagle Foundation. We will seek to elevate the political discourse from the bigotry of 2007-2008 to experience and capacity (no more Mike Huckabee bigotry, hopefully). We have a lot to accomplish! As the calls for help and support go out, please stand with us. We begin in earnest January 2009 - Go Mitt. If there is every a time we will need you it is 2012. Stay close.

Thanks again to all who have been so supportive and involved in Mitt's campaign and in the successful passage of Proposition 8. Thanks for your political activism and for caring. We live in the greatest nation on the earth and can sustain amazing transitions, thankfully.


Christina said...

I already have my Mitt Romney-2012 car decal!!

I worry now about all the "bigotry backlash" from those who I thought could still be my friends even after Prop 8. Family, friends, business associates. It makes me nervous.

Our daughter Rachel got nominated to attend the Pres. Inauguration in January which she will attend. Hopefully in 2012 she'll be nominated again and see Mitt become President!

steven said...

Very well stated, and of course I heartily agree with your well thought out and correct opinions. Everyone in this Nation is given a voice and a ballot. Did you see any of us on the "right" protesting and rioting when Sen. Obama was made the President-Elect of the US? No you did not and that is why we remain the greatest Nation on the Planet that God created. We will carry on and we WILL flourish in spite of the roadblocks that the Dems will throw at us. We have stood the test of time from Thomas Jefferson to Ronald Reagan. We will not be denied the rights that our forefathers fought and died over. This is not the end but a new beginning to test and strengthen our resolve. I remain optomistic, and I remain an American.

ps On a personal note, I want to "Thank" the owner of this blog for posting some of the most important, accurate, up-to-date, full of wisdom, and so well thought out topics to consider for fruitful thought. I am astonished by your intellect, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, and prospective. You have educated and inspired me(and others) without ever using an unkind word. I applaude you and I salute you on what you have brought to the political scene of 2008.
I so hope this is not the end of your political blog. You have too much to offer for 2009 and for that fact, many years to come. May good political winds always be at your back. "Thank You" and may God bless our Nation.