Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proposition 8 - A Sensitive and Thoughtful Perspective

A very dear friend of mine sent a personal email to his friends explaining, with personal insight and sensitivity, why he is supporting Proposition 8. With his permission, I publish the text of the email below. Thank you Steve for your thoughts, your advocacy and the loving manner that you have addressed what has become a very volatile and heated debate.

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, I have been involved in the California Proposition to re-establish the definition of Marriage between one man and one woman. This issue was overwhelmingly supported in 2000 with Prop 22, which passed by 61%. Last year 4 activist Judges overturned the will of the people and legalized same sex marriage. My original involvement came in response to a request from my ecclesiastical leaders to do everything within our power to support Prop 8. These kinds of requests rarely come, I responded by supporting people I have come to trust and respect.

At first, I did not fully understanding all of the issues related to proposition 8. The subject of homosexuality is a sensitive one and comes very close to home for me. I have many wonderful employees, co-workers, friends, and family who live this lifestyle. I have deep respect for many of them, their hard work, exceptional talent, their kindness and empathy for others, and the courage it must take to live their lives. One of the most important beliefs we have and have tried to teach our children is to treat everyone with respect. We feel it a great blessing that at least this one lesson was learned by each of them. I would also say that I generally believe in the philosophy of live and let live. There are many issues on many levels that Prop 8 deals with. Disagreements on these issues have unfortunately caused many hurt feelings, strained friendships and damaged relationships.

My close involvement has given me a very clear view of both sides. I have been able to study the issues in such a way as to see things as I believe they really are. I have been able to see the people and motivation of both sides. For me, it is all about children. If you know me, you know that I am Baby Crazy. I have been all my life, and now with grandchildren it has joyfully started all over again.

Prop 8 at its core, is not about the rights of same sex couples or discrimination. These incendiary issues are what have been used by extreme activists to disguise their true motive. They have been very divisive and very successful in their actions. So divisive that I wonder if things will ever be the same again. Unfortunately, it is evident that the agenda for same sex issues have been led by a FEW EXTREMISTS. These few, demand the status of a third gender or new race. The true goal of these few extremists is to indoctrinate, confuse, and eventually lead away our purest and most precious minds and souls, at their most impressionable age. It has been shamefully stated publicly by government and education leaders that this claim is simply ridiculous. The actions however of these FEW extremists are louder than the words of their carefully scripted, heterosexual spokespeople. Make no mistake about the smoke screen of issues and crafted confusion of their message. Their goal is to raise a Godless, genderless generation that looks at God and his teachings as bigotry. These children will be taught in the perfect moments of their lives that homosexuality, transgender, and bisexuality are normal and natural behavior. They will also be taught to NOT TOLERATE those that believe otherwise. At some point in their lives, they will face a situation or be encouraged to make a decision of who and what they are going to be when they grow up. For me in the 60's, it was a fireman or a construction worker. For them it will be gay or straight. They will have been taught over and over that either choice is OK and will carry NO consequences. This is a lie, There ARE very serious consequences to such decisions not only for individuals but family's and Nations.

I personally believe that parents have the rights and obligations to teach their children moral and social, behaviors and beliefs. If Prop 8 fails, parents will lose such freedom. Just during the past month of this campaign my point has been proven over and over. There have been ongoing events aimed at precious children in California schools. I have attached a link to just one of the latest examples of showing their hand as to the core issue of Prop 8. Note that this is a kindergarten class being subjected to concepts and commitments that I never dreamed possible. My hope is that we will be a blessing in the lives of our children and grandchildren. I hope we can all move forward after this ugly time and not be permanently scarred by the divisive confusion of issues perpetuated by the FEW

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Steve S


David said...

I agree completely with this posting. The framework of moral thought is shifting swiftly downstream and society is not looking at the landmarks whizzing by us indicating our speedy travel.

I am amazed at how many are willing to stand by and watch the current of a few dictate the movement of society. The saddest part is that relationships are going to be totally and completely changed. I wish my own friends could understand that I value their freedom to speak out as much as I value my own and my own is in jeopardy of being taken away and labeled badly as racism now is.

steven said...

Your friend Steve made some very fine points on this subject. I agree with every point. I have a feeling that the reasonable majority in CA. is taking this vote very seriously. I think the voting population in the central part of the state will ultimately decide this issue. I think this bodes well for people who think like Steve, you, and me. This is truly a critical vote not only for CA. but for the entire nation. I trust that the reasonable citizens of CA. will make the right choice.