Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama Said What?

Tell me he was misquoted, but in today's USA Today Opinion Section Obama in defining sin is quoted as saying, sin is "being out of alignment with my values." Did he really say that? I know he talks of audacity, but really. This is beyond the pale, that he could define sin in such a manner, and qualify himself as the arbiter and judge of what is sin. It is not mine to judge, for people can think and believe what they will. Even so, it is an issue of pride beyond measure and extremely dangerous for anyone to assume such a position. Maybe he meant to say that sin is being out of alignment with Christ's values, that gets him closer, but he didn't. America cannot, should not and hopefully will not elect any individual who appoints himself as such.


Andrew said...

It's not a shock that Obama said this. He's a progressive, in the early 20th century meaning of the term.

This is the same philosophy that allowed Woodrow Wilson to have those who disagreed with him beaten by federally-hired mobs, the closest the U.S. has ever come to fascism.

Beyond that, while Obama may personally be Christian, it is vital to his beliefs to eliminate God from government. In order to successfully subvert the Constitution, one must first transform the public's understanding of the document from a charter that protects rights granted by the Creator to all humanity to a mere list of rights granted to the citizenry by its government.

Frighteningly, this shift in view of the nature of the Constitution has largely been accomplished in our society.

With that understanding, defining sin in as given in this quotation makes perfect sense, politically.

It's just one more reason, if you hadn't enough already, not to vote for Obama.

Daniel said...

Obama...a Marxist at heart.