Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stand For What Is Right!

The Eagle Foundation and the California Protect Marriage Amendment

The time is now, to stand for what is right, to stand with resolve and to act. We invite you to join with us! We have formed The Eagle Foundation, a Washington D.C. based 501(c)(4). The Eagle Foundation has been established to provide conservative value based leadership and facility for conservative grass roots initiatives and candidate support throughout the United States. We believe strongly in conservative principles and values, and recognize the need to counter current political trends in the US that undermine the family, moral values, conservative principles and the need for the United States to remain the pre-eminent economic super power, thus preserving the freedoms and strength and advocacy upon which our nation was founded. The Eagle Foundation is intended as a “Title of Liberty” whereunto Americans may look for advocacy of moral values, conservative principles and accountability of our political leadership. The Eagle Foundation further provides a vehicle for grass roots participation in support of its causes and candidates.

Rather than pursue a “re-creating the wheel” strategy, The Eagle Foundation has elected to pursue a strategy of identifying key conservative based initiatives, candidacies and/or Political Action Committees with which it can be aligned, thus providing leverage and increased capacity to achieve the objectives outlined above. The Eagle Foundation cannot, under Federal Election laws, contribute monies to Political Action Committees, Candidates or Initiatives. It can however, among other things, educate and train citizens to be effective advocates; cover PAC, initiative and candidate administrative costs; and develop, lead and deploy critical grass roots voter turnout initiatives, media support and critical task force support for candidates and initiatives that conservatives value.

We invite your participation in this endeavor, and seek your financial support to assist the Eagle Foundation in its mission as described herein. Given our current commitments to critical conservative causes and candidates, we invite your contributions. If you are able to assist us with a contribution in any amount, please contact by sending an email to We will respond with the necessary information.

Consistent with its founding principles, the Eagle Foundation has identified and committed to support and advocate the California Constitutional Marriage Amendment Initiative (Proposition 8). We have committed our resources for this critical cause , to preserve our freedoms and liberties. Please join with us as we sprint to the November election.

California Constitutional Marriage Amendment Initiative (

The California Constitutional Marriage Amendment, identified as Proposition 8, has been developed as an outgrowth of a recent California Supreme Court ruling that contravened the will of the people of California when they resoundingly passed Proposition 22, defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman,. By this ruling, California legally allows same sex marriage. Jointly with Massachusetts, California has set the course of destruction of the sanctity of marriage and the family in the United States. In support of family values and conservative principles, the Eagle Foundation (“Foundation”) has agreed to sponsor, support and facilitate the grass roots effort of the Protect Marriage Amendment Initiative in California. Specifically, the Foundation has agreed to jointly employ key statewide grass roots personnel for the Protect Marriage Initiative. Additionally, the Foundation will assist in coordinating, managing and training a state wide grass roots field organization for critical voter turnout initiatives, as well as the development of a 72 hour Initiative Task Force.

POTUS Candidate - Civil Presidential Forum - Thoughts
The distinct contrasts between the Presidential candidates last evening at the Civil Presidential Forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren and the Saddleback Church were self evident. Although both candidates seemed at ease given the format, their individual responses clearly illustrated who has the greater capacity to lead our nation. John McCain was clear and direct in his responses and without equivocation, in fact, he was impressive in his grasp of the issues - well done. Barack Obama was nuanced in most every response. He was unwilling to offend or speak with clarity of his positions on most issues. Yes, Obama speaks of change and unity, however he doesn't seem to understand the importance of standing for something. Trying to appeal to all positions and peoples, with flattery and nuance, speaks volumes and honestly is quite scary. Obama's position of being pro-choice and not pro-abortion epitomizes his nuanced approach to most issues. Thank you John McCain for standing with resolve, standing for what is right and standing with readiness to lead.

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Chino Blanco said...

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Why do you want to deny those last two rights to gay Americans?