Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Religious Freedom?

The California Supreme Court has done it again! The Supreme Court Justices in California have ruled that freedom of religion is subordinate to the rights of those with same gender attraction. Apparently Justice Joyce Kennard wrote that two Christian fertility doctors, who practice in a private health care facility and refused to artificially inseminate a woman of same gender attraction, have neither a free-speech or religious exemption from state law. In essence, religious freedom is being trampled upon and subordinated to the wants and desires of an individual of same gender attraction who wants to be artificially inseminated. I can see if we are dealing with a life or death situation and the individual needs immediate medical care, the doctors have taken an oath and would be obligated to provide the best of care. But when it is simply elective and fulfilling a want or desire, for the courts to compel performance is beyond the breach.

As noted in my previous post, we find that the wants of those with same gender attractions being imposed upon society, wherein the same gender attraction community has turned to the judiciary to legitimize and legislate their lifestyle upon the majority interests in society. Our freedoms and liberties are without doubt being trampled upon, and it is not in our advocacy for freedom nor in our advocacy for Marriage. Our freedoms and liberties are being trampled upon in the name of "tolerance", "discrimination" and "choice." This is not about the heterosexual community imposing our lifestyle upon the homosexual community - On the contrary it is about the homosexual community imposing their lifestyle upon us to legitimize their elective choice and want. Surely, in our society the homosexual community can live as they wish, but when they seek to impose their lifestyles upon others, they trample upon the freedoms and liberties upon which this nation is founded.

As we choose our next POTUS, may we consider the criticality of this decision and choose wisely. In Senator Obama we have a man who reflects the attitudes and interpretation of our modern judiciary, legislating, dictating and imposing upon the freedoms and liberties that we cherish. A man who epitomizes the attitudes and philosophies of generational entitlement. In Senator McCain we have a man who believes and has fought for the freedoms and liberties that we share. A man who believes that our freedoms are endowed to preserve our society, not simply to fulfill our wants at the expense of others. Choose wisely and stand for freedom.

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