Monday, August 4, 2008

What would the world be like?

The media in the United States has appointed itself as the arbiter of what is right and good, or so it seems. They have feigned independence as they have reported on the political scene, injecting with reckless abandon, their bias and opinions. They have shaped the perceptions of the US electorate, through their reporting, causing me to think that they have significantly contributed to our current slate of Presidential candidates. If considered in the aggregate, the biased reporting in most media reports, political or otherwise, reveal an interesting, and surely not mainstream, thought in our media punditry. From issues on family, marriage, politics, economy, religion, and so on, the media's bias has been evident when reading between the lines. Perhaps the power of the pen has gone to their heads, that their will and interest supersedes that of mainstream Americans. Are the majority of Americans sufficiently silent to allow this coup to survive?

A thought occurred to me the other day; what if we shipped those in the media and for good measure, the "Hollywood elitists," to their own land or country. How long would they last and what would their land or country look like after just a few short years. Beyond anarchy, economic chaos and social degradation, how many would survive, or choose to return to the bounty and freedom of America?

Just a thought?

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