Monday, August 4, 2008

Rhetoric, Reconciled and Resolved - Why?

As noted in the previous post, we are choosing a candidate for POTUS that is the lesser of two evils. Both men unfortunately do not seem to represent the best that our country has to offer. Neither has hand's on executive experience. In Senator Obama we have an individual who is without sufficient experience and capacity to lead our nation; an individual who has fallen prey to the influences of the media and has begun to believe the hype, even to becoming prideful and arrogant; and an individual who fails to understand the role of government, espousing liberal thought even to the point of socialism. In Senator McCain, we have an individual whose behavior is cynical and reflective of a society that embraces situational standards; an individual whose life choices have not held true to principles of integrity and fidelity with regard to family; and an individual who, although true to country, I am not sure does the right thing for the right reason, again caught up in his own pride. Even so, amid the rhetoric we should now be reconciled and resolved in our support for John McCain. Why?

Having given it lengthy thought and study, notwithstanding my personal challenges with Senator McCain's current and past behavior, I am reconciled to the fact that he will in the least advocate "center-right" positions, and that he has and will continue to align himself with advisors and colleagues of the same ilk, with greater deference to conservative positions. Senator McCain will make judicial appointments that will constructively adhere to the Constitution. Contrarily, Senator Obama, who is very liberal in thought by his own admission, has and will continue to align himself with the past advisors to William Jefferson Clinton, each of whom espouse positions that are far left, making judicial appointments that will not only interpret law, but create law. John McCain preserves the checks and balances of our democratic republic while Barack Obama neuters the checks and balances that were established at our nation's founding.

It is down to which of the two candidates truly understand the role of government, and align themselves with counselors and advisers who advocate their understanding of government's role in society. We have two distinct philosophies at play. Senator McCain holds to the position that the role of government is limited simply to providing protection, security and preserving the liberties and freedoms of all Americans. Senator Obama, on the other hand, believes that solutions rest in government's role to dictate, determine and assure the lifestyles and liberties of all Americans. There is a difference. Whereas Senator McCain appeals to the electorate with realistic core values and conservative principles with substance, Senator Obama appeals to the electorate with flattery and rhetoric by proffering hope without substance, and advocating a government that is all things to all people.

In Senator Obama we see a reflection that is frightening, even an individual caught up in self, who believes that government should dictate, as they have in California, the lifestyles of Americans, and bring economic equality and wealth transfer through taxation. Recent California decisions to forbid the sale of transfat's (interesting, while still allowing the sale of alcohol and tobacco) and deny the development of fast food restaurants in South Central LA because of society's obesity, and the state Attorney General's misrepresentation of the Proposition 8 summary to the benefit of the gay and lesbian movement, are reflective of political will that is contrary to the precious freedoms bound in our Constitution. We are at a critical juncture, even a defining moment in America - we can preserve our freedoms and elect a candidate who advocates such, or we can elect a candidate who seeks to impose a greater role for government than what our founding fathers established at the birth of our nation, and thus in the name of choice and freedom, set us on a course that will ultimately cost us that which is so precious, our freedom and liberty.

I am personally convinced that John McCain will appoint and surround himself with individuals who will continue to advocate the need and capacity for America's economic strength and vitality, even to preserving our status and the world's leading economic superpower; individuals who understand the role of government to preserve our liberty and stand as a light to the world. Barack Obama, by his professed policies, will establish tax and economic policies that will constrain and hamper our economic vitality, even to the point of facilitating our subordination to other thriving global economies. Barack Obama has clearly delineated himself as one who will impose the will of government on the people rather than accept the will of the people. John McCain will preserve our freedoms and liberties by keeping government's role in check, while Barack Obama will seek to impose greater governmental influence and participation.

This is not an election about foreign policy or Iraq/Afghanistan, it is about economics and the preservation of our freedoms and liberties; it is about preserving our economic capacities as the leading economic superpower in the world; it is about economic, tax and energy policies that will stimulate our economy, thus assuring our capacity to lead in foreign policy, even to the critical leadership role dealing with the radical jihad we face. Choose wisely, but for me, we have only one choice amid the rhetoric to which I am reconciled and resolved - John McCain.

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steven said...

I agree that an Obama presidency would not be in the best interests of this nation. Obama keeps talking about the "changes" he will make but he gives no details what so ever. The reminds me of a huckster at a carnival selling snake oil remedies out of the back of a wagon. Obama has nothing new to offer. While McCain is not perfect (no man is) he is the best hope to advance the country.
I was talking to a well connected Republican in my state and he indicated that McCain's Veep choice has been narrowed to two people - Gov. Tim Pawlenty of MN and Gov. Mitt Romney of MA.