Thursday, January 3, 2008

Disappointed, but surely not Disheartened!

The results are in and unfortunately Mike Huckabee has won the Iowa Caucus. With an estimated 114,000 voters in the Republican Caucus, it is apparent that Governor Huckabee's grass roots supporters (Evangelical Christian Community, Home Schoolers and Fair Tax advocates) rallied beyond the expectations of the political insiders. Congratulations to Governor Huckabee. Surely, we are disappointed, but not disheartened.

Not to take anything away from Governor Huckabee's victory, but it was an insurmountable hurdle for Mitt. Unfortunate as it is, it is a stark reminder of religious bigotry in our Country, evident in the cynical and duplicitous commentaries of Governor Huckabee and the innumerable anti-Mormon commentaries and rhetoric on the Governor's official blog, that is further grounded in the evangelical Christian movement.

"A significant chunk of Huckabee supporters - eight in 10 - said they are born again or evangelical Christians, compared to less than half of Romney's backers. Nearly two-thirds of Huckabee voters also said it was very important that their candidate share their religious beliefs, compared to about one in five of Romney's." Glen Johnson, My Way Blog

Although, not fully disclosed and further evidenced by the activities of the TrustHuckabee organization, that those supporters of Mike Huckabee have also taken to low road tactics in anti-Mormon and anti-Mitt push polls. Appreciating Governor Huckabee's resolve to run a positive and high road campaign, I can't help but be cynical and distrusting of the man. The sly statements of ignorance about LDS beliefs with an innocent and inflammatory doctrinal question used typically to smear the Church, juxtaposed against Governor Huckabee's leadership at the Southern Baptist Convention against the LDS faith; or, the ad attacking Mitt Romney's honesty and integrity (not on issues) which he chose not to run, but presented to the national media, and ran in Iowa anyway; or the inability to silence his ardent financiers and supporters in the TrustHuckabee organization who have undertaken negative and inappropriate push-poll practices; or his snide commentaries at every turn that attack the character of Mitt Romney, and on and on.

I apologize in this post for vetting, but it is difficult to standby and watch the duplicity, the dishonesty and the mean-spirit of one who claims to be a good Christian, for the guile within Mike Huckabee is self evident.

With that being said, we are renewed in our resolve to assure that the one state success of one who is not worthy of the honor of being a conservative (for reasons noted in previous posts) is not repeated.


Judy said...

These anti-Mormon attacks are so frustrating for me. I wish people would actually get their information about the church FROM the source, instead of just second, third and fourth-hand hearsay. I'm disappointed that Romney didn't win Iowa, but I have to say I am even more disappointed that Huckabee did, with the tactics he has been using as of late.

Anonymous said...
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