Sunday, January 27, 2008

Shame on You, John McCain - You Have Dishonored Your Legacy!

John McCain has dishonored his legacy, again. For a man who has stood on his record of integrity and honor, he has diminished his character again by his false accusations and failed attempt to malign the character of Governor Mitt Romney by using our military men and women. Fortunately, Mitt Romney is one of honor who cannot be diminished by those that are less than him. By making false statements about others for his own personal gain illustrates the true character of the man. No one can deny Senator McCain’s service as a POW in Viet Nam; he paid a great price for his service to our country. But when he undertakes to lie and misrepresent the positions of others on Iraq, he affirms his own weaknesses and incapacities. It is obvious, by his own admission and responses to economic questions, that Senator McCain is inept when it comes to understanding economics. It is also obvious that he is trying to reorient the current Presidential dialog back to his perceived strength of military strategy and away from the economy. Even so, he should make the case for his own strength rather than lying about the position of others to prop himself up. It shows a great weakness in character and one unworthy of President of the United States. And, to do so using the service of our military personnel is even more egregious. If you are going to run for the office of POTUS, do so with honor and integrity; do not sully the office by deceit and falsification; do not compromise the principles that American’s expect of their President. Too many in the past have done so, only to bring shame upon the office!

Personally, I have not held Senator McCain in high esteem given his past follies (Keating Five), cheating on his wife who waited for him while held prisoner in Hanoi, and his continued egotistical and arrogant manner, even his failure to acknowledge his mistakes. Senator McCain is quick to anger and character assassination when others do not agree with him. He has evidenced his inability to control his emotions and keep his language in check, time and time again. Even so, to my knowledge he has not traded his emotional outbursts and anger using our military men and women, until this election cycle. However, in his anxious and vain pursuit of the Presidency, he has used the honor and service of our military men and women more than once for his own personal gain. It proves the point that Senator McCain has put his personal interest above the honor and character of the office he seeks.

Senator McCain’s flat denial of statements concerning his lack of understanding of economic issues is not only illustrative of his willingness to compromise his principles of integrity, but a further indication of a serious flaw in his character, integrity and honesty. These actions coupled with his continued falsifications and misrepresentations about others for his own aggrandizement and gain is beyond the pale, and disqualifies him for the office of President. It places him firmly in the camp of Hillary Clinton and others who have sought to lie their way into the office of POTUS. Although, I have not agreed with John McCain on many issues, i.e., illegal immigration, economic policies, marriage amendment, campaign finance reform, energy policies, and on and on, his lack of honor and integrity in that which matters most is the greatest disqualifier. Had John McCain not been a POW in Viet Nam, we would never have had to experience his failed leadership in the Senate; sadly, America would be a better country without John McCain in Washington. We cannot afford his continuance in our nations's capitol.


sara said...

It is really a disgrace. I had thought before this that I would be able to vote for McCain in the general if he won the nomination, but it certainly would be hard to do after this latest development. Fortunately, most other people out there (blogs, NYT, many reporters on cable news) realize the outright dishonesty of these accusations, and it looks as if this latest strategy will fail for McCain. Fortunately the polls and trends are in Romney's favor... But I hope he wins by a wide margin on Tuesday, to really knock the wind out of McCain's sails and make a big difference for Super Tuesday!

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