Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Strategic Review - Rudy Giuliani leading the pack?

As in any endeavor and with the depth of experience of Governor Romney, strategic reviews and tweaks are a constant. Some call it " white boarding," where you look at what you know today and redefine your strategy to adapt to the current dynamics to achieve success. Governor Romney spoke with Hugh Hewitt last night and made some interesting statements with regard to the state of the race and how dynamics are different. Rudy Giuliani is no longer the Republican frontrunner, in fact there isn't one. Hence, the needed early state strategic victories, although it would be nice to claim, are not necessary to the strategy to win the nomination. Therefore, the campaign adopts an alternate strategy and Mitt, given the depth of his support and resources is keenly positioned to stay the course and emerge as the frontrunner.


Abe said...

We all know that Mitt will benefit from emphasizing to the Michanders his economic prowess. But how does he do that? It won't be enough to say, "I did it in the private sector; I did it in the Olypics . . . ."

I would like to see a 1-minute Romney ad all over Michigan, one in which Mitt gives SPECIFIC, TRUE STORIES about his turnaround talent. I want Michigan to have CONCRETE information about specific turnarounds. Those stories are what impress people the first time they really hear about him.

Did anyone notice that the top priority for voters in NH, according to exit polls, was the economy, and yet McCain still won. How could that be when McCain is a bit ignorant of this topic? It is that NH voters didn't have that CONCRETE picture in their minds. They knew more about McCain's positions on immigration than about Mitt's amazing ability to turn things around economically. Michigan needs to have a POSITIVE, CONCRETE image of Romney.

David said...


You are spot on. It is the economy and Mitt will be addressing the issue with greater clarity. He is the best qualified to do so. Be patient, something is coming.

Lisa said...

Thanks for your insights.
Mitt knows how to adjust and rethink strategy. I have confidence he can do what needs to be done. The MSM wants to call him out--way wrong--it's a long road and Mitt has the stamina to do it.
I would like to hear him be INSPIRING--fewer details and more vision. He has it--we need to see it. And don't talk about his opponents.
Tell us how the call in event is going. Big turnout? Enthusiasm?
Thanks for your work!

IZ said...

Nice blog, I really appreciate your perspective, it helps to bolster my morale at this point. I would just like to echo the comment of both abe and Lisa in that I think we need to see more inspiration in the way he presents himself to the public. His followers know how outstanding he is, but many in the general public do not, and are swayed by how he is portrayed in the MSM. They have lots of time to learn about the details of what makes him great. But to get their attention, he needs to inspire them, make them feel proud of being americans, and rally them to share in his optimism. I feel he was just starting to do this in NH in the days preceding the primary, but he needs to continue (and I'm sure he will). Just my 2 cents. Thanks for the forum.

Nevadagirl said...

I did phone calls for the campaign on Monday. 1 comment, 1 suggestion: I think the results may have been skewed because callers could see "Mitt Romney" on their caller display - this may have caused many "unsupporters" to not even answer their phone.
Also, I used a slightly different script to get more people to answer: "My name is ___, and I am doing a quick 2-question survey on the Presidential Election." I then say quickly why I'm supporting him, and ask the 1st question. This got me a lot more answers to the survey than the given script. Thanks, I love the blog!

Joe said...

Privately, can you share with me why my comment from yesterday didn't get posted? Thanks,


David said...

Joe - Unfortunately, your comment never hit the account. I apologize, please resubmit it if you can.