Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Non-MSM Veiwpoint - The Republican Campaign for POTUS

We now have 3 states in the compressed political calendar under our belt. What does it all mean? Hugh Hewitt gives a good summary HERE.

New Hampshire
With 84% of the precincts reporting, John McCain has won the New Hampshire Primary with 37% of the votes cast and Mitt Romney took second with 32%. The rest of the field included Mike Huckabee with 11%, Rudy Giuliani at 9%, Ron Paul with 8% and Fred Thompson with 1%. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won with 39% and Barack Obama took second with 37%. Why compare both sides of the aisle and what does it mean?

Nearly 40% of those voting in the New Hampshire Primary are Independents and can vote in either the Republican or Democratic election. In recent press interviews of those attending Obama and McCain rallies, a sample of those interviewed stated they were wrestling with a vote for Obama, Edwards or McCain. Really? It reminds me of the song on Sesame Street, which of these things don't go together. The Independents were those that were either going to sway the vote for Obama over Clinton or McCain over Romney.

How does all of this fit? If you consider the above facts and the tight margin between McCain and Romney it becomes apparent that the Independents cast their votes for McCain, leading to his victory and away from Obama, leading to his loss to Hillary. Further noted, that turnout in NH was high on the Democratic side and that the precincts were running out of ballots early, which may also have pushed more Independents to McCain. At the end of the day, in a pure Republican race, Mitt Romney may well have led John McCain in NH.

Considering Fred's showing, it is likely that he will literally limp to South Carolina. As for Messrs. Huckabee and Giuliani, very close.

For reasons stated in the previous post on What happened in Iowa, the singular surge of evangelicals changed the course away from the core Republican vote, leading to a Huckabee victory. In the constant sense and analysis, again Mitt Romney won the core Republican vote.

A pure Republican caucus, but ignored by many, Mitt Romney won by a significant margin, with Fred Thompson and Duncan Hunter following.

It is truly a wide open race on the Republican side with no clear frontrunner! The current inside viewpoint and analysis is that Mitt Romney has won one gold and two silvers, while McCain and Huckabee have won one gold (and Huckabee's bronze in NH). Rudy is holding fast to his original strategy and Fred, well?

Currently Mitt leads the delegate count with 26 pre-NH (see Hewitt post), and will continue to lead in the delegate count post-NH, as the delegates awarded in NH will be nearly the same between McCain and Romney, given the close proximity of the vote.

On to Michigan with strong support. Wednesday will bring some interesting press. Expectations from the pundits and press are that Mitt is cooked and can't raise anymore money, not even $100,000. Wait for the end of Wednesday. Again, it will be self evident that not only is Mitt the most qualified for POTUS, but his successes in the early states have yet to be matched by any one candidate, and he continues to be the only candidate with strong financial backing, both in supporters and personal wealth. There are 500+ here for National Call Day. I think we will exceed the $100,000 bar set by the press.

Rather than being defeated, the Romney supporters tonight have been strengthened in their resolve to stand for what is right and what is necessary for our country, a Romney Presidency. It is another interesting point how the MSM and Republican candidates want Mitt out of the race, quickly, when in fact his resume and capacities far exceed those of all other candidates. Tell me one other candidate who has finished with 2 silvers and 1 gold that the MSM and pundits are saying is cooked. The ganging up of so many to alter the course of the race is disheartening and further validates the need to end the cynicism of society. Oh well, we press forward with confidence and strength. Just watch how things turn.

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Anonymous said...

Wishing the best of luck to you at the National Call Day event! I hope you're able to add another zero or two to the mass media's expectation that we only raise $100000 for the day.

$1,000,000 or $10,000,000 would be more like it! Let's show them what the Romney campaign is all about. Go Mitt!