Monday, January 28, 2008

How Do I NOT Love John McCain, Let Me Count the Ways!

An interesting study; Mitt Romney is the antithesis of John McCain, hence my complete support of W. Mitt Romney. Reasons that disqualify John McCain, not only for President of the United States, but also as a US Senator.

1. Prideful and Arrogant - His ego and pride are such that he is unwilling to accept advice or admit his own failings or errors. A dangerous failing that places his interests above our nation and the needs of America. Unwilling to seek understanding, seeking first to impose his own agenda. The greatest leaders and Presidents in our nation have always sought contrary counsel and became great leaders because of it. It is a unique individual who can look to contrary thought and counsel, and choose wisely. The proof is in the pudding, compare McCain's history and Romney's.
2. Lack of Intellectual Capability - McCain evidences his ignorance and lack of intellectual capacity by his failure after 25 years in Washington to learn about the economy and the economic principles that are foundational to the US. His myopic capacity of military strategy defines him, and nothing else. You would think after 25 years in Washington he would have broadened the depth of his knowledge of issues and principles that are fundamental to the USA. McCain may be a great military strategist, but the POTUS needs to lead the nation in all things fundamental; economics, foreign policy, and social values. Military strategy falls within foreign policy only as a subset and is not the substance of such.
3. Lack of Discipline - McCain's inability to communicate without profanity is an indication of a limited vocabulary and incapacity to control his speech and as noted below, his anger or temper.
4. Volatile Temper - Frightening as it is, John McCain does not have the demeanor nor capacity to govern without a violent and uncontrollable temper, which bodes poorly for reasoned leadership. He is too quick to react without thought or substance, which threatens our National Security. John McCain poses a greater risk to our National Security by virtue of his volatile temper.
5. Dishonesty - The great paradox of his "supposed" honor and integrity is seriously compromised by his personal agendas, past actions (Keating Five), and delusions of grandeur as to his importance and prominence. His win "at any cost" attitude in the Presidential campaign reflects a lack of integrity. Absent his incarceration in Hanoi, he would not even be considered relevant in today's political and national society.
6. Age - Not that being 72 is a negative thing, as wisdom in most cases is evident in age. Even so, at 72, McCain specifically has become more rigid, more cantankerous, subject to serious health issues (that have plagued him in the past), and has illustrated a general sense of negativity beyond measure. Further, he plays to the age of his mother, but his age and risks associated therewith are more resident in his father, who is no longer with us.
7. Economic Policies - or lack thereof.
8. McCain Kennedy - continued resolve to promote immigration policies that adopt amnesty. A rose by any other name smells just a sweet. Securing the border is only part of the solution. Eliminating magnets is critical, as is abiding by the rule of law.
9. Radical Jihad - McCain only understand the military complexities and strategies without understanding the fundamental and foundational issues relating to the radical Islamic Jihad. He thinks of it as a military action, when in fact it is grounded in radical religious thought and demands the comprehensive solution proposed by Governor Romney.
10. McCain Lieberman - McCain lacks an understanding of energy policies and global warming and thus cannot propose a reasoned solution without compromising our Nation, in jobs, trade and economic compromise. After 25 years he has turned first to compromise over principle, which defaults to compromise of critical and inviolable principles.
11. McCain Feingold - So anxious to limit capital in politics, he compromised free speech in American politics and has exacerbated the problem. There is more money in politics now without accountability than ever before.
12. National Security/Strong Economy - John McCain does not understand that we cannot have a secure nation without a vibrant economy. If anyone doubts, talk with the Soviets...oh that's right, they don't exist anymore. The philosophy of the Soviets was a strong military and national security without a strong and vibrant economy. Look what happened. We need a strong and vibrant economy to maintain National Security. You can't sustain one without the other. It is the economy ...!
13. Decision Making/Problem Solving - McCain offers solutions without understanding the problems, a critical flaw in analytic thought and leadership. This approach is frightening if applied to the problems we face in our Nation. Can you imagine the consequences! Look at his history of solving problems - did anything get solved, or is it now worse?
14. Fidelity - If you can't have fidelity in marriage, how can you have such with our Nation.


sara said...

That is a great list. Didn't you love his economics answers in the last debate... where he basically named all the advisors he could think of to eat up time on the clock and avoid actually discussing economics. The guy is clueless!

Keeping my fingers crossed for Florida...

sara said...

P.S. I'm a lifelong AZ native and there are plenty of us here who don't like McCain either! Back in 2000 I preferred him to Bush in the primaries but he's come so far since then, really racking up the negatives... legislation, temper, arrogance, etc etc etc.